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Home construction

 is the process of constructing a home. Beginning with simple pre-historic shelters, home construction techniques have evolved to produce the vast multitude of living areas available today. Different levels of wealth and power have warranted various sizes, luxuries, and even defenses in a 'home'.  From castles to mud thatches, mansions to shanties, the 'home' has grown to represent a seemingly limitless array of structures.

Tyson Construction of Kitsap County, WA; quality, commitment, experience

For over 25 years, Tyson Construction has provided new and remodeled homes to Kitsap county. For your protection we are  insured, licensed, bonded and registered with the state.


Tyson Construction has the experience and knowledge to get everything finished to code and within the time frame set out. We stay on schedule, as set out by you, our client.


Our company is capable of all aspects of construction, from new home building, small maintenance jobs, permit assistance, remodeling, to large complex homes.


Tyson Construction, located in Kitsap County, Washington,  is committed to the satisfaction of our clients, which results in approximately eighty percent of our work being generated by recommendations from past clients. We have worked together closely for many years with qualified architects to satisfy our clients every need. We pride ourselves on being within time limits and on budget. We have assembled a group of the best subcontractors in Kitsap county to work with us over the years.


Tyson Construction is proud of our reputation and we do our best to comply with our clients wishes. Our fees are submitted by proposals, we list all materials and labor in detail so there is no misunderstanding when we start your project. If you need a home builder, permit assistance or remodeling in Kitsap County, give Tyson Construction a call you won't be sorry.

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