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Who we are

     Tyson Construction is owned and operated by Scott Tyson, a third generation Kitsap County resident. Scott was born and raised in Kitsap County, as were his father, mother and grandparents. He has been working in the building industry since he was 15 years old and by the time he was in his twenties he had started Tyson Construction. As a company he has pursued his goal of offering cutting edge construction practices with a strong commitment to providing customer satisfaction in whatever project he is involved in; custom home construction, remodeling, site planning and preparation or just consulting.

     As founder and managing officer of Tyson Construction, Scott is the primary talent of the company, working onsite with his crew and engaging with clients on all phases of the project. Growing up in Kitsap County he was always fascinated by building and construction. In fact, his favorite class in middle school and high school was wood shop. Since then, with over 25 years of construction experience and having personally built two of his own homes himself, Scott knows what homeowners go through when their personal space gets torn up and put back together. He understands the frustrations that generally come with the dust, budget concerns, and selecting the best design and materials and he uses this knowledge to his clients benefit.

In addition to building and remodeling, Scott enjoys football, camping, fishing and meeting all kinds of people and lifestyles through his business.

     Tyson Construction will start from the very beginning; planning, helping with design, permitting from the county, site preparation, foundation work and finally building you the home of your dreams.

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